Propylene Random Copolymer Pipe is a formal name of PPR pipes. These are the most popular pipeline for plumbing and water supply purposes as they are provided with the perfect sealing performance. The optimal performance is achieved due to its chemical features and techniques of fusion welding. As the PPR pipes suppliers in Dubai says, these are the excellent material for cold and hot water systems as they are cost efficient and easily applicable.

You need to be very attentive when selecting the pipes as there are many fake products available in the market. Here are some tips from the best PPR pipes supplier in Dubai on how to recognize whether the material is genuine or fake.

PPR Pipes in Dubai

  • By the touch

You can identify a real PPR pipe by touching them as they are fine in texture and soft to touch but still they have a considerable hardness as they have uniform particles. These can’t be molded into any shape. Whereas, fake pipes have a smooth surface and can be easily deformed.

  • By the smell

The genuine PPR pipes are unscented and don’t have any particular smell. A good pipe never smells bad but the fake pipes can give a foul smell.

  • By burning

You can also test them by burning a little part of it as it can prove to be very intuitive. A pipe having raw materials and impurities mixed will smell very strong and will have a black smoke. While a genuine PPR will smell odorless with the black smoke though. Along with this when a true PPR pipe melts, the liquid it becomes is very clean.

  • By crushing

Although they have a good elasticity they can’t be easily smashed or crushed due to the hardness they carry. The fake pipes are given the hardness by adding excessive calcium carbonate and other impurities but they won’t last long and will become brittle by the time.

  • By looks

You can differentiate them according to their density. The fame PPR pipes are somewhat larger in size than the genuine ones. The real ones have a matte texture while the false ones are shiny bright with having vibrant colors. Moreover, real PPR pipes can be identified with their complete opaque look than the others having a translucent or semi-translucent look.

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