A cable tray is a unit or assembly of units used to securely support cables and raceways. If you are looking for a solution to route the open and tangled wires, cable trays are one efficient solution you can trust. There are several types of cable trays in UAE  available from simple to customised ones. Understanding the role of cable tray in safe wiring will convince you to install them in residential as well as commercial places. Here let us discuss the role of  cable trays in the hazard-free wiring.


  • The cable trays are means to manage the messy wire system and it is the cost-effective method to control messy wiring.
  • The cable management system with reliable, economical and effective cable trays is the key to prevent fire accidents in industries.
  • They protect wiring infrastructure (power cables, patch cables) against accidental unplugs or damage.
  • The cable trays are made with a better cooling system, protect the cables from quick heating.
  • Their safety design eliminates sharp edges, which prevents damage and fraying to cables.
  • Cable trays come with a high safety rating and resistant to corrosion, explosive, and toxic gases.
  • They don’t channel moisture, thereby act as a powerful insulator against electrical shock.
  • The design of the cable trays is flexible and if properly installed, there is no chance of accidental touching.


You can find different types of cable trays in UAE that are more durable and resistant to damages. If you want to buy cable trays with international consistency, consider an order from Bonn Group who are renowned cable tray manufacturing company in UAE, designing and marketing superior quality cable trays at the reasonable price.