There seems to be a lot of confusion between carpenter and joinery. Well, the two terms are quite similar but at the same time, they are also very different. Joinery companies in Dubai is very different from what a carpenter does. Understanding the difference will help in finding the right professional for the task you seek to get done!

So what’s the difference?

  • Carpenter: They are the professionals who build elements on-site. It is their duty to construct elements made of wood.
  • Joiners: Even the joiners deal with wood. However, their work is to join different elements at a workshop.

So when the question is who to choose, one has to keep in mind that the key to a good construction project which includes doors, windows, stairs, trusses, etcetera, is in the joints. A joiner has the necessary skills to make these components. However, for on-site construction and to build a project, a carpenter is required.

Common work of a joiner includes:

  1. Building stairs
  2. Making doors/ window frames
  3. Fitting floors
  4. Creating fitted furniture

Common work of a carpenter includes:

  1. Fixing window frames
  2. Fitting staircases
  3. Installing cupboards and shelving

To become a skilled Joiner/Carpenter and to work in the construction industry, a person needs an eye for detail and they should have good maths skills so they can make accurate measurements. It is also important for these professionals to have the ability required to follow complex technical plans.

To excel in the field the person needs to gain good on-site experience. One can first start working as a joiner, gain experience in the field and then become a carpenter who works on-site.


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