Reasons to install a CCTV

Reasons to install a CCTV

With the increased amount of crime rate, it is very important to remain safe and secured. Incidents like terrorist attacks by robbery by stealing and smuggling, killing and snatching of valuable items from people have been very common. By the time police and investigating agencies reached the spot and find out the criminals, everything is already ransacked. So it is vital to install CCTV cameras at places as it makes easy for the police to collect evidences and proceed in their investigation.

Most security contractors in Oman suggest camera placement at places which requires constant monitoring systems such as airports, stadiums, libraries, museums, casinos, banks and malls. In special cases CCTVs are also used in private homes for security purposes. Here are some reasons why you should install a CCTV-

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By installing CCTV, burglars and foreign intruders are discouraged from entering your premises to steal your property.By any chance if they commit theft or other crime, there is 100% possibility that they will be caught on the camera. Police investigations are carried out and the arrest the intruder can be done quickly because of identification of the crime on CCTV.


By installing CCTV camera inside office may also help in creating discipline among the staff. It will help the bosses who want to keep an eye on how efficiently their employees work.


CCTV camera can also be placed in manufacturing industry is to check the production line, supervisor can easily check how the work is carried out and if there is any problem in the plant or break down in the system and order for repaired immediately.


Having a CCTV camera on a company parking is also helpful. It can help the security person to reduce his workload of watching large number of cars and managing the traffic.


CCTV may be placed over cash registration counter to monitor the cash transaction and avoid cash theft. The use of CCTV will discourage the cashier from committing any kind of theft.


CCTV cameras can also be installed in huge warehouses and places where accidents can happen to monitor and take steps to save lives. To know more about CCTV system and home security, visit .