Key phases of interior designing process

From the inception of the interior design to its completion, several phases are included in the procedure of the designing of an office space. A  professional in the interior design company in Dubai, makes great use of his skills, expertise and experience to smoothly move throughout the process by following all the key phases in a systematic way. And thus bring out an efficient result within  the said time and budget. Here we shall take a look at the key phases involved in the interior design process:

  •         Programming:

In this phase the designer gathers all the information about what the client wants in the design, and within what time frame and budget. After understanding these demands of the client, he analyses the spatial requirements of the office facilities like reception, cafeteria, workstation, conference room etc.  Along with these, he must also carefully examine the number of occupants and purpose of the space and also the furnishing, fixtures, lighting and HVAC required in each area. Since the designer wants the workplace to be created in a way the client needs, he would frequently survey the site.

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  •         Concept Development:

During this phase, the designer brings out the ideas in form of sketches. Basic site plans, simple elevations, floor plans etc. are used to illustrate the concept in his mind. Everything is formulated keeping in mind the building codes and zoning requirements. The dimensions of the space are also included in the sketches to bring forth an estimated cost of the project. Plus, the plans and the sketches are frequently revised with the client till they meet his/her demands.

  •         Construction Documentation:

After the design is approved and finalised, it is then detailed and translated in the language that is understood by the contractor. This document includes the details of the design with the appropriate specifications that are vital in executing the interior design project. Every discipline including, mechanical, electrical, structural, and different others are constantly determined to save them from getting collided. Most of the interior design companies in Dubai use BIM to form accurate construction document sets.

After surpassing these key phases, the project is finally started under the constant supervision of the interior designer.

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