6 Ways To Lose Weight in 2 Weeks

Female weight loss surgery Dubai

Motivational weight loss stories can help in truly transforming one’s life.  Life is not all about counting calories but eating a healthy. Females can go for weight loss surgery in Dubai as the last option. Here are some of the tips you need to follow to reduce weight in just two weeks.

Female weight loss surgery Dubai


Go on diet : follow a healthy diet plan to lose weight in two weeks and longer. There are many diet plans available on the net, some much healthier than others and some downright dangerous to your health. Whatever diet you follow, try to stick to some fundamental principles like eating nutritious food as fish, eggs, beans, cereals and potatoes fresh fruits and vegetables milk and dairy products.

Avoid junk, stay away from fatty foods that are loaded with sugar, fried food, packaged foods or foods that contain preservatives.

Stay active: you can start the exercise by moving a little more during the day as a way of keeping your metabolic rates high for weight reduction. You can start walking instead of taking a car to your nearby grocery store, takes steps instead of lift etc.

Do Cardio/ exercise: do for 20 to 60 minutes a day can be quite helpful in reducing weight in two weeks. You can also include jogging in the mornings, stretching, yoga and weightlifting in your regular exercise program.

Psychological Triggers: When you’re fully committed to a diet or exercise plan to reduce weight, sometimes your ‘mind’ can get diverted you. Therefore it is a good idea to implement some psychological techniques to bolstering your weight loss intentions.

Drink lots of water: most of us know that 60% of our total body mass weight is made up of water. Researchers show that drinking water is free of calories, and is better to any other sugary drinks. Even doctors and nutritionists suggest people who want to lose weight to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily to cater all the body needs for a day.

Go for weight loss surgery: for some people, it can be almost impossible to lose excess weight even after practicing regular exercise and diet. Discussed with the professional to understand the benefits and risks associated with weight loss surgery before signing for it.