All you need to know about educational consulting

If you are considering private or independent schools for a better education of your child for the first time, then this task can really be daunting. It might lead to in expending much of your energy in learning the vocabulary and the ways of independent schools before you can focus on your child. Because no two schools offer the similar sort of things, it is always better that you hire an education consultant in UAE who can help you find the perfect fit for your child.

A consultant brings a clear vision to the best fit of school during the search. Any biases and preconceived expectancy from the family are set aside, as soon as a professional education consultant intervenes. He/she determines what is best for the student. He/she makes sure that the school he recommends appropriately matches with the abilities of the student and also fosters the growth.

  • Knowing the Student: the consultant will first aid to know the student and also his family. He/she would also enquire about the family background and also the current status of in his school. This will let the consultant know more about the needs of the student precisely.
  • School and Process Knowledge: A good consultant knows every detail of the school. He/she would have regularly visited various  schools to know about the unique perspective and workings of the institutes. Once a perfect school for the child is selected, he/she can further guide throughout the admission process.
  • Student Centred Goal: By utilising his/her broad vision and expertise a consultant can think clearly about the family, student and school choices, and then further guide by keeping in mind the best for the student.

When looking for the best education consultants in Dubai that can help your kid with all matters of education, you can turn to ProEd World for help. This firm employs the finest of educational consultants in the city, having experience and the know how to guide your child in every step of his/her education line.

Tips to find the best joinery companies in Dubai

Joinery and carpentry services are often confused to be the same. But, there is a fine line of difference among  the two. Carpentry can be referred to as general woodwork services, whereas joinery refers to expert services for improving the residential and commercial spaces. For renovating your living room or kitchen you must find the best of joinery companies in Dubai who can improve the look of these areas. Here are various tips to find a good joinery company:

Look for experience

You must know how long the company has been in joinery business to measure their expertise and what they specialise in. Check for their previous works to know what kind of service they provide.

Check for  the reputation

A reputed and credible company would indicate that it is an expert  in the field. You must look for all the necessary license documents and also check if it is registered to operate in your area.

Get recommendations

Make sure to check for the online reviews, previous case studies, and customer testimonials of the company. You can also interact with the customers who the company has worked for earlier.

See if they comply with the deadline

If not done on time, then joinery work can be really cumbersome. Therefore ensure that the company you are hiring has a reputation of finishing the work on time and within the given deadline.

If you are looking for the best joinery companies in Dubai that can provide its services at reasonable rates then Visualize Interiors is one of them. We have a team of experienced professionals who can execute any of your joinery work according to your requirements.

Role of Cable Tray in Safe Wiring

A cable tray is a unit or assembly of units used to securely support cables and raceways. If you are looking for a solution to route the open and tangled wires, cable trays are one efficient solution you can trust. There are several types of cable trays in UAE  available from simple to customised ones. Understanding the role of cable tray in safe wiring will convince you to install them in residential as well as commercial places. Here let us discuss the role of  cable trays in the hazard-free wiring.


  • The cable trays are means to manage the messy wire system and it is the cost-effective method to control messy wiring.
  • The cable management system with reliable, economical and effective cable trays is the key to prevent fire accidents in industries.
  • They protect wiring infrastructure (power cables, patch cables) against accidental unplugs or damage.
  • The cable trays are made with a better cooling system, protect the cables from quick heating.
  • Their safety design eliminates sharp edges, which prevents damage and fraying to cables.
  • Cable trays come with a high safety rating and resistant to corrosion, explosive, and toxic gases.
  • They don’t channel moisture, thereby act as a powerful insulator against electrical shock.
  • The design of the cable trays is flexible and if properly installed, there is no chance of accidental touching.


You can find different types of cable trays in UAE that are more durable and resistant to damages. If you want to buy cable trays with international consistency, consider an order from Bonn Group who are renowned cable tray manufacturing company in UAE, designing and marketing superior quality cable trays at the reasonable price.

Decorate the interiors by introducing office fit out solutions

It is quite right that surroundings play a bigger role in one’s life, whether at home or office. Of course an understanding and co-operative friend in your working arena can help enhancing your businesses productivity.  And as an icing on the cake, the office interiors, if gorgeously done can make the productivity better. Your friendly behaviour and responsible attitude can of course inspire your employees to perform better. Likewise if you leave the job of interiors in the hands of a professional office fit out company in Dubai,  you can be certain of getting a positive result.

Besides increasing the employee’s productivity, this move of engaging the best office fit out company in Dubai can pay dividends. This is because, once the visitors start to feel fascinated, they will spread the news of remarkable interiors of your business to more people, thus creating awareness for the organizations helping to gain a strong market reputation.

Colors have a deep influence on the thought process of any person. Therefore you must choose the color on the wall of your office wisely. Make sure that your office walls are painted in a color that is soothing to the eyes that can motivate your employees and have the ability to generate positive thoughts in them.

If  the latest set of office fit out is introduced in your workplace, then it would definitely help in designing the interiors in an elegant way.  Most of the latest office fit out solutions belong to a space saver range that not only enhances the beauty of the interiors, but also offers space to fit in more resources inside the same premises.

In this regard, Interior.R.US one of the best office fit out companies in Dubai can help you as they have vast years of experience in the field, and have skilled professionals that make them superior in market.

Keep these design solutions in mind when planning to redo your kitchen

Dubai interior design companies offer some of the most innovative solutions for decorating the kitchen and to make it more efficient.

Here are a few ingenious ideas to decorate your kitchen –

Internal drawers

Kitchens need to have lots of pantry space. “The more space, the better,” has always been the formula. The best wa for this is having internal drawers. These drawers are user-friendly and because they are pull-out drawers, nothing goes unnoticed.

Appliance cabinet

Kitchen is one place that gets messed up very easily – be it with the number of appliances, or utensils or the groceries, re-organizing them is always a herculean task. Having a cabinet dedicated for your appliances is a great way to keep it organized. You can choose the style and space for your cabinet depending on the number of appliances you have.

Corner cabinet pull-out

Almost every kitchen has a corner cabinet and its positioning depends on the shape and layout of the kitchen. While most people hate them because of their inconvenience and difficulty in accessing them. However, you could make it more accessible by going for a pull-out cabinet. This will also make it easily usable.

Under cabinet gadgets

You can use the space under the overhead cabinets by storing some of your kitchen items. You can get some specially designed cabinet racks to store items like spices and other grocery.

Creative shelf is one of the leading Dubai interior design companies that offer excellent solutions for different types of spaces.

Benefits of Furniture Design Company Formation in the Dubai Design District

Many people are amazed at the pace of progress UAE has gone through and every one of them aspires to invest there. The entrepreneurs who are looking for offshore company formation in UAE will be happy to know that the UAE government welcomes the foreign investors open heartedly. Offshore company formation in UAE is for those who want to set up their business in any country other than their hometown.

Image result for furniture design business

Looking to open a furniture design business in Dubai? The Dubai Design District is a free zone community that caters to the need of budding entrepreneurs who are artists and creative mind thinking about offshore company formation in UAE. Dubai Design District has plenty of reason to draw your attention.

  • 100% foreign ownership and 100% repatriation of capital and profits: You can own the business fully without any need of a local partner.
  • No personal income tax or corporate tax: This is a free zone, which imposes no tax or duties.
  • Strategic Location: It is accessible from the seaports and international airports which makes business travel easy. It is situated adjacent to the business bay area of Dubai.
  • A wide range of leasing options: Dubai design district a full range of business activity operations from retail, design to hospitality and other economic development activities.
  • Flexible Visa options: The visa options are linked to the size of your office such as one visa per 80 sq ft of office space.

Adam Global is one reputed business advising firm of Dubai that helps you in offshore company formation in UAE free zones. They have a team of skilled and talented consultants who guide you through each and every process.


Oak furniture: Trending in 2018

According to the many furniture suppliers in Dubai, many people opt for oak wood furniture for decorating their homes. The primary reason for this is that oak furniture is admired for the finesse of its beauty as well as its functionality. Here we shall discuss a few informative points as for why people love oak furniture.

  •         It is stronger: strength of furniture is the first thing that any person would look for, while buying furniture of any kind.  And because oak furniture is the strongest of all types of wooden furniture.
  •         Get it in beautiful style and options: excellent pieces of craftsmanship can be seen in a furniture store. But oak furniture is quite unique having  a tantalizing effect on the buyers who love to place oak furniture in their homes or offices.
  •         It is durable: the durable feature of oak gives a great life to furniture pieces made of oak wood. It can sustain moisture and remain looking new for a long time.
  •         Easier to maintain: upkeep of oak wood furniture is very easy and can be done by anyone. The furniture can be regularly cleaned with grain and dry cloth.

Pleasant Joinery are among the best furniture suppliers in Dubai that offers different types of oak wood furniture at reasonable prices.


Difference between a carpenter and a joinery

There seems to be a lot of confusion between carpenter and joinery. Well, the two terms are quite similar but at the same time, they are also very different. Joinery companies in Dubai is very different from what a carpenter does. Understanding the difference will help in finding the right professional for the task you seek to get done!

So what’s the difference?

  • Carpenter: They are the professionals who build elements on-site. It is their duty to construct elements made of wood.
  • Joiners: Even the joiners deal with wood. However, their work is to join different elements at a workshop.

So when the question is who to choose, one has to keep in mind that the key to a good construction project which includes doors, windows, stairs, trusses, etcetera, is in the joints. A joiner has the necessary skills to make these components. However, for on-site construction and to build a project, a carpenter is required.

Common work of a joiner includes:

  1. Building stairs
  2. Making doors/ window frames
  3. Fitting floors
  4. Creating fitted furniture

Common work of a carpenter includes:

  1. Fixing window frames
  2. Fitting staircases
  3. Installing cupboards and shelving

To become a skilled Joiner/Carpenter and to work in the construction industry, a person needs an eye for detail and they should have good maths skills so they can make accurate measurements. It is also important for these professionals to have the ability required to follow complex technical plans.

To excel in the field the person needs to gain good on-site experience. One can first start working as a joiner, gain experience in the field and then become a carpenter who works on-site.


If you are looking for someone for the best joiner works in Dubai, contact experts at Pleasant Joinery. They have well skilled experts who work for all types of industries. Visit for more information.



Key phases of interior designing process

From the inception of the interior design to its completion, several phases are included in the procedure of the designing of an office space. A  professional in the interior design company in Dubai, makes great use of his skills, expertise and experience to smoothly move throughout the process by following all the key phases in a systematic way. And thus bring out an efficient result within  the said time and budget. Here we shall take a look at the key phases involved in the interior design process:

  •         Programming:

In this phase the designer gathers all the information about what the client wants in the design, and within what time frame and budget. After understanding these demands of the client, he analyses the spatial requirements of the office facilities like reception, cafeteria, workstation, conference room etc.  Along with these, he must also carefully examine the number of occupants and purpose of the space and also the furnishing, fixtures, lighting and HVAC required in each area. Since the designer wants the workplace to be created in a way the client needs, he would frequently survey the site.

interior designer dubai

  •         Concept Development:

During this phase, the designer brings out the ideas in form of sketches. Basic site plans, simple elevations, floor plans etc. are used to illustrate the concept in his mind. Everything is formulated keeping in mind the building codes and zoning requirements. The dimensions of the space are also included in the sketches to bring forth an estimated cost of the project. Plus, the plans and the sketches are frequently revised with the client till they meet his/her demands.

  •         Construction Documentation:

After the design is approved and finalised, it is then detailed and translated in the language that is understood by the contractor. This document includes the details of the design with the appropriate specifications that are vital in executing the interior design project. Every discipline including, mechanical, electrical, structural, and different others are constantly determined to save them from getting collided. Most of the interior design companies in Dubai use BIM to form accurate construction document sets.

After surpassing these key phases, the project is finally started under the constant supervision of the interior designer.

If you are looking for an interior design company in Dubai that provides professional office interior design services, then CK Architecture is among the best.

6 Ways To Lose Weight in 2 Weeks

Female weight loss surgery Dubai

Motivational weight loss stories can help in truly transforming one’s life.  Life is not all about counting calories but eating a healthy. Females can go for weight loss surgery in Dubai as the last option. Here are some of the tips you need to follow to reduce weight in just two weeks.

Female weight loss surgery Dubai


Go on diet : follow a healthy diet plan to lose weight in two weeks and longer. There are many diet plans available on the net, some much healthier than others and some downright dangerous to your health. Whatever diet you follow, try to stick to some fundamental principles like eating nutritious food as fish, eggs, beans, cereals and potatoes fresh fruits and vegetables milk and dairy products.

Avoid junk, stay away from fatty foods that are loaded with sugar, fried food, packaged foods or foods that contain preservatives.

Stay active: you can start the exercise by moving a little more during the day as a way of keeping your metabolic rates high for weight reduction. You can start walking instead of taking a car to your nearby grocery store, takes steps instead of lift etc.

Do Cardio/ exercise: do for 20 to 60 minutes a day can be quite helpful in reducing weight in two weeks. You can also include jogging in the mornings, stretching, yoga and weightlifting in your regular exercise program.

Psychological Triggers: When you’re fully committed to a diet or exercise plan to reduce weight, sometimes your ‘mind’ can get diverted you. Therefore it is a good idea to implement some psychological techniques to bolstering your weight loss intentions.

Drink lots of water: most of us know that 60% of our total body mass weight is made up of water. Researchers show that drinking water is free of calories, and is better to any other sugary drinks. Even doctors and nutritionists suggest people who want to lose weight to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily to cater all the body needs for a day.

Go for weight loss surgery: for some people, it can be almost impossible to lose excess weight even after practicing regular exercise and diet. Discussed with the professional to understand the benefits and risks associated with weight loss surgery before signing for it.